Improving quality and extending lives with connected devices and global medication management



Spend more time enjoying life, and less time worrying about the correct dosing time for your medication


The same alarm that reminds you to take your medication will warn you against unauthorized removal or overdosing.



Easy to use and convenient! Nurse Timers are portable and can be used wherever you are.


Introducing a better standard for medication scheduling and management

This medicine timer allows you to manage your medication without removing the medication from its original container. In addition to notifying you when to take medication, the wireless versions can track your usage data in real-time!



Simple, portable, and affordable

These medicine timers attach to the bottom or side of most medication containers. Like the Pod, each puck uses lights and sounds to notify you when to take medication. Wherever you go, the puck goes with you!



World's first portable multiple medication managment system

This device consists of multiple Miracle-like devices arranged in a mobile case. The case offers automatic locking features and an intrusion alarm. Locking secures the user’s medication and privacy, and prevents unauthorized access from children and individuals seeking to steal or abuse medication.

poly (1).png

Never Take Your Medicine Incorrectly Again

Be 100% Safe with NurseTimers


Ineffective medication management is one of the leading causes of nursing home placement for older adults. Missed doses and overdosing are rampant and life-threatening, especially for those taking multiple medications. Nurse Timers by Nurse Technologies offer extended independence and freedom to remain at home and active in the community

  • Multiple preset timing intervals of any duration within a daily cycle
  • Manage multiple medications simultaneously
  • Compatible with various container shapes
  • Suitable for those who are visually or audibly impaired 
  • Portable
  • Works with or without WiFi/Bluetooth
  • Never skip a dose simply because you are late
  • Take all your doses with guaranteed safe dosing intervals and timely notifications
  • No clock to set
  • No programming necessary
  • 10 seconds setup time
  • Low costs
  • No service fee
  • A digital report of medication usage can be stored within the device and ensures privacy. Users can opt to upload their information online.

Store your Usage Data Online

Manage and Visualize your Progress

Share your information with Family and Medical Professionals

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