Changing the Game

Shattering old rules with technology


There are problems in medicine usage that create extreme stress, health deterioration and loss of life every day. These challenges are recognized by the healthcare industry and attempts are being made to address them. For example a pharmacist will advise “If you are late or forget to take a dose of medicine, take it as soon as you can, but if it is almost time for your next dose, skip the missed dose and continue your regular dosing schedule.” Many in our communities are unable to make these calculations safely especially when taking multiple medicines. They live in a state of fear and helplessness. For those who can make these calculations, many skip one or more doses daily because of being late causing detrimental medical outcomes. Most people are reluctant to give up their independence to get the help they need. There is a better way.

Nurse Technologies believes that automatically adding the amount of time you’re late to your next schedule dosing, will not only permit you to take all doses, but will ensure a safe separation between doses. The use of this technology ensures greater effectiveness and safety.

Another major concern is the need to make inroads into medication interaction management at the ordinary consumer level. Prescription medicines interact, not only with each other but also with none-prescription and recreational drugs, alcohol and food, often with fatal consequences. Taking a brown paper bag with your medicines to your Pharmacist for help is not an efficient solution. People are comfortable with their habits but having access to realtime red-flag notifications will provide strong incentives to develop safe, healthy attitudes to everything ingested. Individuals should be given reinforced interactive lessons on each prescribed medicine in use at point of access, in real-time. Information should be frequently updated and tailored to each individual. We have some powerful solutions.
Though these solutions may appear elementary, the setting of new standards and taking a direct approach to implementing our concepts, will open doors to a universe of possibilities in human development. 

  • We will enable research professionals, caregivers and insurers to securely access medicine usage data for analysis, on any individual, for medication with unique identifying codes.
  • Realtime vital sign data along with medicine usage can be viewed side by side.  
  • The appropriate software can be used to help determine the effectiveness of medicine and allow for early intervention when required. 
  • The many hospitalized because they can’t afford medicine, may automatically pay for new medication with credits earned from using their medicine responsibly.
  • We will enable many possibilities in safety and delivery for genetic medicine in this new age of pharmacogenomics. 
  • The squeezed writing on medication labels, that few even care to read, will be supplemented by showing usage instructions on a display in any chosen language and reading those instructions aloud. A picture of the user along with his/her medicine's shape, color and purpose will be display at point of use. This will also expose dispensing errors to consumers.

  •  Insurers that struggle to get annual vital sign checkups will now be able to get a constant stream of medicine use and vital sign data in real time.

  • With our consumer driven approach, there will be other opportunities to help simplify healthcare and have all engaged, and not just patients.

Nurse Technologies are welcoming the support of industry movers like NIH, Medicare and other Insurers, technology conglomerates, celebrities and influential healthcare executives, to propel these innovations forward for the advancement of all humanity. These are sustainable endeavors that will be immensely rewarding to all involved. If strategically executed, we may well see the manifestation of the principles of Malcolm Gladwell’s “Tipping Point” play themselves out in healthcare.

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